Personal Coaching

Wouldn't it be nice to have an experienced public speaker beside you to help you constructing your presentation? Or help you in developing your speaking skills? Or assist you in managing your nerves as a presenter?

As a professional speaker myself I know how difficult it can be to put ideas into a logical, impactful and captivating presentation.

And I also know what it takes to present before a live audience. What does a great speaker do nonverbally what the average speaker does not do? What exactly are the speaking skills of a presenter?
Whether you need help to make your presentation or help with improving your speaking skills, I can assist you.
Personal coaching is of course the fastest way to realize these results because we only focus on your specific questions or needs.

Suggestions on how I can help:

  • Designing or co-designing your presentation. Make a captivating beginning/end/call to action/logical structure/adding storytelling elements/advise in using slides or designing your slides.
  • Help with improving your body language in order to be comfortable and convincing in giving live presentations.
  • Having fun while presenting;-)

How does it work?

Unless you live in the Netherlands, we will probably use Skype and Email to do the personal coaching, which I found as effective as meeting in person.
So if you want assistance on one of the above topics or on anything related to presentation, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can certainly help you out! 
Just call or email me by clicking on on the orange button below.
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