The number 1 missing business skill...

On an older version of my website I quoted Harvey MacKay who said something like this: "The number 1 missing skill today in business is public speaking, the ability to express oneself or presenting his or hers ideas"

And that quote might still be true. Despite of all todays new ways of communication, “presenting in public” is not only still important, it's getting more popular every day.

Youtube and TED make stakes getting higher
With many thanks to Youtube and TED we (and millions of others) see a growing number of presentations. AND, due to mutual influencing, the stakes are getting higher and higher. Which means that these days you cannot convince your audience with a dull or spiceless presentation.

And maybe that is the reason why you visit our website: you want to make presentations that are engaging, interactive, and entertaining as well as informative and convincing.

But how on earth does one do that?

How do you catch and hold the attention of your clients or collegues? How do you start? How do you end? How do you structure it? And what about storytelling: which is a nice concept, but how can one insert a story into a business presentation?

When you have questions like these you should order our incompany presentation training.

But there is more.

You will also learn the secrets of influencing an audience. And what about 'speaking skills'? Do you know what you 'radiate' on stage? And would you like to improve that?

We will teach you almost everything ...

The incompany training of PresentationProfs will teach you almost everything ... Extended feedback from me and the other participants results in a swift improvement of your speaking skills so that you can present in a relaxed, natural and convincing manner. You might even have fun next time you’re standing in front of an audience;-)

Individual needs?
Next to these components we will look at the needs of each individual, so you will go home with a whole set of personal focus areas.

No company of course is the same and we tailor our incompany trainings toward your specific needs.

And there is still more. You will learn:

  • How to use vocal variety.
  • How to use gestures to enhance your message.
  • How powerful images in your presentation can make your presentation stronger.
  • What to do when you are nervous.
  • How to structure your presentation.
  • How to have fun while presenting;-)

The training is given by Jan van der Werk, three fold champion Public Speaking. If you have any questions on whatever topic concerning public speaking or this incompany training, do not hesitate to contact us!

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