Do you want to be more comfortable on stage or make a convincing presentation?

Unfortunately most people don’t feel comfortable on stage or even worse. Some presenters feel extremely nervous or even anxious. A pounding heart, shortness of breath, a quivering voice and ehm… what was my speech about?

A little bit awkward in the beginning
Learning to present is a bit like learning a new dance: in an unfamiliar setting you have to do something unfamiliar and at first that can feel a bit awkward.

But you will soon discover that with the right tools, some assistance giving by an experienced speaker or trainer and a bit of practice you will rapidly grow as a presenter. And maybe - one day you'll find yourself having dreams about becoming a new Obama ...

Can anyone become a confident speaker?
I am the living proof that you don’t have to be born a silver-tongued dare-devil to become a confident presenter.

I was born in a part of the Netherlands (Friesland) where people are kind and accessible, but not very talkative. Frisians are not as eloquent as e.g. the people in highly populated Rotterdam, which is the city where I live now.

So it was not obvious that I would develop myself towards - and become a champion of public speaking! What I mean to say is this: if I can do it, than you can certainly do it too!

Do you need help with your presentation?
But maybe your question has to do with the construction of your presentation. When you do not present regularly, it can be tough to make a logical, convincing AND captivating presentation. If you want I can help you with that too!

To conclude, if you wish to become a confident speaker and want to work on your speaking skills or if you need a helping hand constructing your presentation, don’t hesitate to contact me, I can certainly help you out!

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This is what I know:

  1. You don’t have to be a ‘natural born speaker’ to become a confident speaker.

  2. All it takes are 1) the right ‘speaking tools’ 2) some practice and 3) the help and feedback of an experienced speaker.

  3. Presenting can become a real passion!

‘Working with Jan is a pleasure’ You will transform from a scared mouse to a confident speaker. There are simple rules, but you have to follow them ...’

- Raluca Celu MD, Researcher at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

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